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// spin_DC_motor.ino Use PWM to control DC motor speed!! int motorPin = 3; // Pin 3 has PWM connected it to the DC motor!! void setup() {! pinMode(motorPin OUTPUT); // Set motor pin to output mode!}!! void loop() {! analogWrite(motorPin 150); // Motor at 150/255 of full speed! delay(1000);!

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DC Motors speed synchronization for rolling mills The project aims at designing a system which is capable of synchronizing the speed of the slave motor (motor-2) with the master motor (motor-1). This system finds very useful in paper mills steel industries etc... The master motor speed can be set


Figure 6 :6The two schemes for speed control of DC separately excited motor Figure 7 :7The DC voltage regulator schematic circuit Figure 8 :8Block diagram of a regulated power supply system Figure 10 :10Zero D.A. Al-Falahi 72 Figure 11 :11Pulse transformer circuit Figure 12 :12The emitter characteristic curve Figure 13 :13Power circuit of the ...

Speed Synchronization of DC Motors by Using Microcontroller

1. DC Motor speed control Direct current (DC) motors have been widely used in many industrial applications such as electric vehicles steel rolling mills electric cranes and robotic manipulators due to precise wide simple and Continuous control characteristics. The development of

3 Simple DC Motor Speed Controller Circuits Explained

Design#2: PWM DC Motor Control with IC 555. The design of a simple motor speed controller using PWM may be understood as follows: Initially when the circuit is powered the trigger pin is in a logic low position since the capacitor C1 is not charged. The above conditions initiates the oscillation cycle making the output change to a logic high.

DC Motor Speed Controller | Detailed Circuit Diagram Available

DC motor speed controller circuit. When the wiper arm of potmeter VR1 is in top position capacitor C1 charges through R1 R2 and D1 and produces a pulse train at the output of IC1 with long negative and short positive pulse widths. Therefore the motor speed is slow. On the other hand when the wiper arm of VR1 is at the bottom position C1 charges through R1 R2 and VR1 and discharges via R2.

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Dc motor speed synchronization for. rolling mills By J.Kumaraswamy. Internal guide Seminar coordinator R.Santhosh kumar K.Rajasekhar Content • Introduction • Rolling mills • Speed Synchronization • Dc motor • Dc motor used in Rolling Mills • Pin Diagram of AT89S52 microcontroller • AT89S52 microcontroller pin description • Software Used • PMW technique • Block Diagram of Dc ...

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