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Microchip ID Cat Feeder Box / Litter Station - MeowSpace®

You can order the Microchip ID Cat Feeder Box / Litter System MeowSpace®. This system works with your pet’s veterinarian-inserted Microchip ID and needs no collar for your pet to unlock the door. The directions are clear and it is VERY simple to program the door for your MeowSpace® cat or small dog. In fact you can program one door to allow up to 32 different pets.

RFID Cat Feeder Box — MeowSpace®

The MeowSpace® RFID cat feeder box enclosure works much like the MeowSpace® Magnetic Cat Feeder but using an RFID collar tag instead of a magnetic collar tag. While the magnetic tag works by a slight tugging downward to unlatch the locked flap as your cat enters the RFID tag triggers the latch to unlock electronically as your cat enters. The cat begins to push on the door and there is a “CH” sound.

Selective Access Cat Feeder | What is a MeowSpace?

MeowSpace is a selective-access cat feeding enclosure that uses your pet’s microchip or a magnetic collar to grant entry. If your pet has already been microchipped the MeowSpace system easily recognizes the chip. No need to know the brand name or the ID numbers of the chip.

MeowSpace Feeding or Litter Box Station (Microchip ID or RFID ...

RFID COLLAR TAG SYSTEM ACCESS If your pet is not microchipped but will wear a collar you can use the same system above with a plastic RFID collar tag. MAGNETIC TAG SYSTEM ACCESS If your pet will wear a collar the Magnetic System MeowSpace is a cost effective way to go.

MeowSpace | Selective Microchip Pet Feeder for Cats & Small Dogs

MeowSpace is a ventilated enclosure that features a locking pet door. Pets with an access device (a collar magnet a collar with RFID tag or an embedded microchip) enter MeowSpace for unrestricted access to their food a litter box or as a safe haven from other animals. Pets without an access device won’t be able to enter.

Magnetic RFID or Microchip Cat Feeder Box System

MeowSpace® offers the choice between using a Magnetic Door System RFID System (radio frequency identification device) Microchip System (no collar needed—works off your cat’s inserted microchip—if he already has one the Microchip System will recognize it during the simple programming process—if not talk to your vet or local Humane Society about getting one) or the Dual RFID / Microchip Entry that has a Timer and will recognize the RFID tag or the embedded Microchip.

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